A small parcel …

There is a small parcel in the middle of the corridor…

Hey Lissie! Says Lucy. There’s a package in the hallway!
What would be in it and for who will it be? Let’s take a look.

“Hey Louise and James!” calls Liselle. There’s a package for us, let us also recall the others!

Louise walks quickly to the parcel and goes to sit with Liselle and Lucy.
Together they call the rest of the flock. Even Rosalie and granny come running up.

Finally, we’re al together! Let’s take a look in the parcel!

Lucy could not take it anymore …

She jumps up to it and sniffs the packet.
It smells so familiar: she says softly … but it also doesn’t.

“You’re right!” Elsa says. After Lucy, even Elsa smells at the package. And it’s the truth, it does smells familliar.

Lucy ripped the paper packaging open.
She looks at the packet and looks a bit disappointed … Elsa, It’s for you… I’m really happy for you Elsa…

Elsa runs to the packet and looks inside!
Is it him? Ooooooooooooh he is! He really is!

It’s my Gustav!!

Elsa helps Gustav to crawl out of the parcel.

Elsa takes her sweetheart in her arms …

Oooh calls Lucy, Elsa and Gustav are soooo sweet and so in love
To be Honest … I miss Lenny now even more …

Slowly, somebody is crawling out of the parcel … without Lucy noticing anything.

Ooooh that  stocking! It’s Lenny!!!!!!!!!

Lucy pulls Lenny out of the parcel.
She hugs and kisses him completely.

She calls Granny and Lucy cries tears of Happiness!


Jippie!!! We’re back together!!!!! It’s time for a familyphoto!!

With love Rosalie


Jolly Mah pink and light blue

Today I saw an advertisement on the internet, one about two of the most rare sheep, Jolly mah light blue and pink. Costprice: 20 euros each and then an additional 8.60 euro shipping cost. I have sent a mail to the provider, asking whether they still for sale and whether I may buy them. I miss them in my collection, having them is a must, and the price is perfect, not to much at all.

Look at them! They’re sooooooooo cute!!

I’m hoping for a positive response… and I’m hoping that you’ll share your hope with me!

With love, Jolly Rosa

Mommy and Me making cookies!!

Hi everybody;,

Today I made some cookies with my mommy.

My mommy made ​​the dough while I watched. After that we have chosen some shapes together, to cut the dough with.

I unrolled the bakingpaper on the baking tray! Pfffff that was hard!

Hard, yes, but I did it! Wow, look at that!!! It looks delicious!!

We’ve just put the cookies in the oven. Oooh! I want to see!

Wow … I want one!

After a while we had a lot of cookies!

I first looked…

Then grabbed!

Time to try some!

Mmmm jummy what a wonderfull experience …

Mommy, when will we bake cookies again?